Creating an environment which dramatically expands Carbon Capture, unhindered by funding constraints, will be one of the most important accomplishments of our human society, this decade.


Each day the global community is being further warned of the cascading impacts of climate change. Approaching tipping points. Impending Hothouse Earth scenarios. Antarctica melting three times faster than a decade ago, etc, etc.

The United Nation IPCC Report of October 2018 goes even further stating the global community is on track to experience the catastrophic impacts of climate change as early as 2030, if we do not act quickly.


Decarbonizing our nations and industries is critical. However within the confines of our present geopolitical, and global economic landscapes, it is fanciful to believe the global community can put into place all the necessary decarbonization technologies, policies and projects, required to avoid catastrophic climate change in 2030, within the next five years.

If we are to have any chance of saving millions of lives, and avoid trillion dollar /year damages bills in 2030, Carbon Capture Research must become the global community’s number one priority.


The Geoengineering Research Alliance aims to put together a US$100 million Carbon Capture Research Fund over the course of the next 5 years, to fund scores of ground-breaking new Carbon Capture research projects.


Research Supporters are drawn from all industry sectors of most countries, which have a strong interest in lessening the near term impacts of climate change.

Research Supporters contribute US$1,500

 to the Carbon Capture Research Fund.

Your Research Contribution allows us to continue to promote & support research into technologies which have the power to lessen the near term impacts of climate change.

Corporate ,Govt & Private Research Supporters are

  • Highly aware of the catastrophic storms and biblical floods climate change will inflict on global communities in the coming decades, if nothing is done. Hence they clearly understand the urgent need to research methodologies and technologies which possess the potential to lessen the ferocity of these disasters.

  • Keen to support, bringing to fruition, the research ideas of innovative young people who want to play and active role in making their future a better place for all who will share it with them.

  • Governments & Corporations who are certain we have not yet explored all possible methodologies and technologies capable of  lessening the global impacts of climate change, and therefore support continued, expanded research, of new solutions being put forth by researchers.

  • Governments & Corporations who elect to play an active role in helping identify game-changing methodologies and technologies which have the potential to dramatically lessen the human impacts and suffering caused by climate change. 

  • Governments & Corporations which understand sharing the costs of geoengineering research across hundreds of companies and administrations, rather than placing the financial burden on just a few, will ensure every possible research idea will be fully researched.


  • Each year The Geoengineering Research Alliance will write and circulate to Supporters, a White Paper which will clearly communicate the important contribution the Research Alliance and its Donors and Supporters, have over the course of the year, made to Researching and Developing technologies and methodologies which have the potential to dramatically lessen the devastating and costly near term impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

  • Permission to utilize the ‘CARBON CAPTURE RESEARCH SUPPORTER,’ logo on your website, stationery, mail outs, etc. This will ensure, your customers, investors and greater community are aware that you are actively supporting the research & development of ground-breaking new technologies, which should possess the ability to dramatically lessen the near term impacts of climate change on their lives and livelihoods.


  • Investing into Researching and Developing near term climate change mitigation Technologies and Methodologies, may not have an immediate financial return for companies. However in a few years time, governments and companies will directly benefit from their investments, by way of dramatically reducing the economic costs of storm and flood damage to their operations, employees, supply chains and customers.

  • Mr Paul Phillips, Founder of the Geoengineering Research Alliance, will if invited, attend and give a presentation to board members &/or shareholders outlining,

    • Why the Geoengineering Research Alliance was established.

    • The goals & objectives of the Geoengineering Research Alliance.​

    • The global progress of the Geoengineering Research Alliance.

    • The importance of their participation and support of the Geoengineering Research Alliance. 

  • Installing solar energy and decarbonizing demonstrates that nations, cities and industries have a clear, proactive long term climate change strategy. Investing into researching geoengineering and near term solutions to the impacts of climate change demonstrates your nation or company has identified the immediate threats to your economy or business, and is taking major steps to minimize the predicted impacts.​

  • Participation in the Research Alliance will reinforce your company's environmental position, at a time when 45% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product “from a company known for being environmentally friendly.” The percentage of those willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, is highest among younger consumers.

Each Research Supporter will be presented with a

'Certificate of Appreciation'


Letters of Appreciation from Researchers they have assisted.