World Climate Change Challenge


Ensure every young person in the world today, has access to both the local & international support & tools he or she may require, to develop the ground breaking new technologies and methodologies, the global population urgently needs to ensure our planet remains a safe and productive habitat for all humankind; both today and in the future.


A world where anthropogenic climate change is no longer a major threat to global communities.


The WCCC is a global Climate Change Advisory Group dedicated to assisting all levels of government, industry and the community research & develop  a wide range of Technologies & Projects which possess the potential to dramatically lessen the near term impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

WCCC actively engages with both industry & government partners to ensure the individual & shared objectives of its strategic climate change initiatives, are achieved.

To truly understand the impacts of climate change, Mr. Phillips believes you need to put yourself in the shoes of those being affected most, by its unpredictable wrath. With that in mind, Mr. Phillips, in 2005, relocated his operations from Australia, one of the countries where communities are being least impacted  by climate change, to Vietnam, one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. 


Mr Phillips, believes he now has a lot, not all, the experience necessary, to speak from a position of firsthand knowledge, of the problems, impacts, and necessary solutions required by our most vulnerable communities.


Each member of the WCCC Management Team is a passionate advocate for the development & implementation of innovative climate change initiatives & solutions.


With a combined experience of more than 45 years developing industries and advising governments, and sharing a common vision of how to take on and overcome the enormous challenges of climate change, our team is dedicated to proactively developing the skills, resources and relationships, between climate industries, educational institutions and the governments to facilitate the unrestrained transfer of knowledge & technologies between all parties


"Cooperation & Collaboration 

are the pillars of the WCCC Management Team’s Climate Industries Development Philosophies & Strategies."

Mr. Paul Phillips

International Director

During the latter part of the last century and first years of this century he spent most of his time motivating innovative young people from the Asia-Pacific region into developing ground-breaking Information Technology solutions for some of the world’s greatest problems, via his establishment and chairmanship of the very successful Asia-Pacific Information Technology & Telecommunications Framework of Cooperation, (APICTA) which comprises high level government representation of 14 Asia-Pacific nations. (

Today, climate change is his nemesis, hence he is now fully focused on ‘Calling to Action’ the innovative young people, of every nation to join him in developing the game-changing technologies and solutions the global community urgently need to avoid a global calamity.

His presentations on the subject are riveting. Assessments & arguments for further research, compelling. Approach & methodologies, logical. But best of all his offered solutions, are within our  grasp.